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 Rennovation Team
 Front Entrance Photos

Rennovation Team
A high quality team was put together to work on Friars Lawn.

 Name Details Further Information
 Martin Cornelius
 Kevin Newson
Consultant Chartered
Town Planner
0208 579 9260
 Christopher Rudd Structure Engineer 0208 783 1322
 Nigel Gibbs Quantity Surveyor 0208 549 5251
 Mark Iwaniak Building Construction www.tma-construction.co.uk
 Jordans Building
 Materials Consultants
Construction Material Consultants
 Ted Howell Horticulture 07704 855505
 Sean Medlin Garden Irrigation www.waterwisegardens.co.uk
 Christian Hearsey Garden Lighting www.gardenlightingbydesign.co.uk
 Adam Tarody Pond & Fish Tanks www.aquam.co.uk
 Angela Cook Interior Designer www.christophercook.co.uk
 Lydia Anikitou Interior Designer www.lydiaanikitou.com
 Milena Davies Interior Designer  
 Tim Smith Ceramic Flooring 01380 720007
 James Hudson Reproduction Furniture www.frankhudson.com
 Philipa Hearne Sofas & Chairs of Distinction www.greengate.co.uk
 Hayley Munro Kitchen www.smallbone.co.uk
 Paul Waitimas Showers & Steamroom www.tylo.se
 Keith Helm Sauna www.nordic.co.uk
 V Edwards Sauna 01202 675702
 Caroline Olsen Spa www.victoryspa.net
 Simon Micuta Sash Windows www.ventrolla.co.uk
 Jeffrey Gold Conservatory www.glass-houses.com
 Network Spirit Gymnasiums  
 Wood Works Workshop Summer House  
 Derek Broom Building Weather Proofing www.petercox.com
 Satnam Padham Security Services www.imagesecurity.co.uk
 Alison Burd Fire Prevention and Protection www.chubb.co.uk
 Krishan Joshi Web & Internet Solutions www.sucofocus.com
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