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 Gardens in 2005
 The Front Garden
 The Back Lawn
 The Long Pool
 The Orchard
 The Raised Border
 The Paved Garden
The Gardens in 2005
The gardens in total cover almost one thousand square metres and houses a large and varied collection of plants. The site is orientated approximately north–east to southwest and has an open, sunny aspect except were the tall house and mature trees cast pools of shade. In the following description, the ‘western’ boundary is on the left hand side when facing away from the back of the house. This side of the garden faces away from the sun and is thus cooler and moister than the ‘eastern’ boundary (the right hand side of the garden) that receives full sun for all or part of the day, all year round.

The soil is a neutral to slightly alkaline (pH 7 – 7.5) silty loam of alluvial origin containing a fair proportion of small, rolled and broken, flint pebbles. Excavations for a water storage tank revealed deeper layers of mixed sands and gravels interspersed with thick bands of silty clay. This soil is fundamentally unstable and areas of the garden suffer from both surface and sub-surface compaction.

The garden was largely re-planted in the early spring of 2003 by Ted Howell M.Hort.(RHS) M.I.Hort. Many new plants were introduced including semi-mature trees, shrubs, climbers and herbaceous perennials. Established plants of any value were retained, either in their original positions or moved to integrate them into the new design.

The gardens may be conveniently divided into five areas: the Front Garden, the Back Lawn, the Orchard, the Raised Border and the Paved Garden.

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