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 Gardens in 2005
 The Front Garden
 The Back Lawn
 The Long Pool
 The Orchard
 The Raised Border
 The Paved Garden
The Front Garden
A large, sunny courtyard fronts the house. Sheltered from the north by the house and open to the south, this area is home to a collection of evergreen and deciduous shrubs. High brick walls to the east and west provide support for climbing roses and the facade of the house is festooned with a magnificent mature Wisteria that dominates the garden.

Although the garden is mostly paved in stone flags and bricks, there are borders on the southern and western sides. A rich variety of plants include large specimens of Choisya ternata, Ceanothus, Cotinus coggygria purpurea, Griselinia littoralis, Mahonia x media and Tamarix.

These are underplanted with smaller shrubs such as Skimmia japonica, Euonymus alatus, lavender, rue and broom. Herbaceous plants include Alstoemeria, peony, hardy geraniums and a fine drift of scarlet and white oriental poppies. A stately old rosemary bush greets the visitor at the foot of the steps to the front door, which is guarded to the left by a canon, and to the right by a recumbent lion.

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