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 Gardens in 2005
 The Front Garden
 The Back Lawn
 The Long Pool
 The Orchard
 The Raised Border
 The Paved Garden
The Orchard
Named from the fruit trees, which still stand in this part of the garden, the Orchard is now a small collection of exotic trees and shrubs set in mown grass. The fruit trees are retained mainly for their spring blossoms (although the apples and plum all regularly bear crops) and the exotics were chosen to augment and continue this display through the seasons – spring blossoms and autumn tints of Amelanchier, the golden foliage of the Robinia, the yellow flowers of the rare Aesculus flava and the winter barks of Silver Birch and Styrax japonica.

At the foot of the western wall and separated from the lawn by a wide, pre-cast concrete flag path, is the Long Border. Planted for summer interest, this border offers room to pale pink Anemone x hybrida, purple Lythrum virgatum, magenta Geranium Ann Folkard and the purple leafed Aster lateriflorus Prinz. Other plants here include the winter flowering Witch Hazel (Hamamalis Diane), Euphorbia griffithii Dixter and Carex testacea plus, in the spring a wealth of Crocus tommassinianus, sweet violets, primula and lily-of-the valley. The old brick wall itself is clothed along its entire length with varieties of ivy (both Hedera helix and the large leafed Hedera colchica)

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