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 Gardens in 2005
 The Front Garden
 The Back Lawn
 The Long Pool
 The Orchard
 The Raised Border
 The Paved Garden
The Raised Border
Beyond the Orchard and beneath the canopy of a fully mature English Ash, the garden has been raised by some thirty centimeters behind retaining dry stone walls.

The large central bed has room for a circular pool and fountain and a bold planting scheme of specimen shrubs and architectural herbaceous perennials chosen to achieve colour and interest in all seasons.

The year opens with Helleborus foetidus Wester Flisk, primroses and the ubiquitous Crocus tommasinianus. Into spring and early summer with Libertia grandiflora, Solomon’s seal (Polygonatum x hybridum), hardy geranium, low growing campanulas and the sweetly scented Viburnum grandiflorum. High summer brings with it four varieties of Hosta, rambling rose and the dark pink perennial pea (Lathyrus latifolia). Broad drifts of pink Anemone x hybrida feature in late summer to be followed by groups of blue liriope muscari and scented Cimifuga racemosa. Additional structure is achieved with specimen evergreen ferns and four clipped box balls. Originally, six such balls were planted but the depredations of the local foxes, which use them as scenting posts, have killed two plants and damaged the remainder.

The western side of the Raised Border area is a continuation of the Long Border and it’s flanking path.

The character of this border, however, is altered by the large English Yew whose dense, evergreen foliage and questing roots produce a dry shade where Acanthus spinosus, Helleborus hybridus, Geranium Wargrave Pink and Euphorbia amygdaloides all manage to thrive.

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