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 Management Plan
 Herbaceous Perennials
 Labour Requirement
 Statement of Significance
Management Plan
All gardens demand strategic management and regular maintenance in order to fulfil their potential.

Strategic management includes the planed rejuvenation of plants in cycles that range from 3 to 5 years for herbaceous plants, 15 to 20 years for most shrubs to 30 years or more for trees. The financial implications and the provision of skilled labour must be taken into account from the outset of any developments. ‘Never plant what you can’t maintain’ is a truism too often ignored! Failures in strategic management often only become apparent when the garden has become over-mature and requires drastic intervention. This can be extremely costly, not only in terms of money and effort but also in the time needed for the garden to recover. It can take over 30 years to replace a mature tree
One way to firm strategic management is through planned maintenance by skilled and knowledgeable gardeners. Below is given a summery of the processes required to maintain each area of the garden on an annual basis.

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