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Only the fruit trees require regular pruning. Apples and pears should be spur pruned during the winter whilst the plum and apricot should NEVER be winter pruned and only need new growth either cutting back of thinning out during the early summer.

All the larger trees were inspected by a qualified tree surgeon in 2003. Some remedial work was carried out on the Ash tree where a fungal infection on one side of the main trunk had led to sever dieback in the crown on that side of the tree. Affected branches were reduced and all dead wood removed. By 2005 the tree had made a partial recovery but its status is still under review.

The Eucalyptus gunnii also received attention having its crown reduced and thinned to allow more light into the garden. A vigorous tree such as this will probably need similar treatment every 3 to five years.

The cherry tree was also inspected but no work was specified other than to slightly raise its crown after flowering in the spring. Unfortunately this work was never carried out.
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