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 Management Plan
 Herbaceous Perennials
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 Statement of Significance
As a rule, most shrubs do NOT require annual pruning other than the removal of dead, damaged or diseased wood. For most subjects the total removal of some of the oldest branches every second or third year is sufficient to rejuvenate the whole plant.

Exceptions to this rule are:
  • Cotinus coggygria. May be pruned hard in late winter to encourage
    vigorous new shots with large decorative leaves.

  • Tamarix pentandra. Should also be cut hard in the spring as it flowers
    later in the year only on growth produced in that same season.

  • Bedding roses. Pruned to a framework in late winter.

  • Topiary that is cut as and when is required.

  • Magnolia. Resents any pruning other than the careful removal of
    dead or damaged wood.

The hornbeam hedge will also need to be pruned annually, the best time being about late July when growth has ceased for the year.

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