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In 2005 an automated irrigation system was installed to cover the entire garden. The areas of lawn are covered by Nelson Pro 6005 series Gear Drive pop up sprinklers. These sprinklers have a stainless steel piston for long life and reliability and are fitted with an anti drain valve to prevent the back drainage of the sprinkler pipe work.

Each sprinkler has a radius of throw of between 8 and 14 metres and is positioned to provide good overall coverage.

Micro-sprinklers are used to water shrub and herbaceous borders. They have interchangeable nozzles and spreaders which make it easy to control both the volume of water applied and the area of application.

The supply lines for the micro sprinklers are 20mm diameter low-density polyethylene and this lies on the surface of the bed below the mulch. Each sprinkler is connected to the supply pipe by means of a 4mm flexible tube

System automation is provided by a 240-volt powered wall mounted Irrigation Controller The controller is connected to the station solenoid valves via a low-voltage multi core cable which is installed below ground level with the mainline pipe work. The operator sets the watering day, start time and duration for each station In the event of a power failure, the program is maintained by way of a non-volatile memory.
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