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Garden Plants
Find out which plants grow in the Friars Lawn garden.

Lychnis coronaria in Rose Border

The Raised Border showing the fountain of the Circular Pool, Hosta Royal Standard, Geranium sanguineum Glenluce and Dryopteris erythrosora. The Rose Border and the Summer House are seen in the background.

Geranium sanguineum Glenluce and Campanula porscharskyana Stella in the Raised Border

Lathyrus latifolia in raised Border

Acanthus spinosus and geranium Wargrave Pink in Long Border

Summer Border showing the new conservatory

Geranium psilostemon. Summer Border

Geranium Johnston’s Blue. Summer Border

Alstroemaria and purple-leaved Cotinus.
Front Garden.

Giant fennel (Ferula communis).
Front Garden

The Summer Border looking away from the conservatory.

Scarlet crocosmia. Summer Border

Lythrum Dropmore Purple and Anemone x hybrida. Long Border

Urn planted with alpine succulents. The Orchard.

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