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Who lived at Friars Lawn?
Over the years, there have been many owners of Friars Lawn. Here is a list of the occupants since 1780...
  According to Dr Jonathon Oats, the Borough Archivist, that Sir John Soanes (portrait shown on left) the famous architect, built Norwood Hall for his business associate John Robins between 1801 to 1803.

John Robins moved into Norwood Hall in 1804 after he sold Friars Lawn to Michael Thackthwaite.

The plaque on the garden wall states that John Robins and Michael Thackwaite jointly built the wall.

They jointly built the garden wall in 1818. John Robins died in 1831 and is buried in a memorial tomb in St Mary's Church, adjoining Norwood Hall. A photo of the tomb is shown on the right.

Below is a list of the occupants of Friars Lawn since it was built by John Robins. Some of these dates have been assumed and may be inaccurate.

1780 - 1804
John Robins: local brickmaker and auctioneer

1804 - 1819
Michael Thackthwaite

1819 - 1833
Mrs Robertson

1833 - 1851
Thomas Dickens: land owner and local magistrate

1851 - 1862

Charles Lake Bashford: land proprieter

1862 - 1894
Edward Jennings: St Pancreas-born solicitor

1894 - 1899
John George Ford

1899 - 1917
John Hughes

1917 - 1925
Edward Adams

1925 - 1934
Oscar Sayers: partner Sayers, Elred and Son
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1934 - 1935
John Parkes: contractor

1935 - 1940
Gordon Selfridge Jr: Selfridges, Oxford Street
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1940 - 1973
George Whitby: architect

1973 - 1980
Hayley Mills: actress
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Photos of Sir John Mills & Haley Mills below.

1980 - 2002
John Boyer: OBE

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