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December 2005
Later Visits
In 1949, Jennifer saw and photographed the outside of Friars Lawn when she visited England on her honeymoon. Its exterior, and the front garden, could be seen to be in a somewhat rundown condition. The iron gates and railings were gone, having been confiscated (as were the magnificent railings surrounding Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park) during the drastic shortage of metal late in the war.  

She visited Friars Lawn again in 1976 with her two teenage children, and found the house and its gardens nicely renovated. Hayley Mills, the actress, was living there, and kindly showed the visitors the ground floor and the garden.

Jennifer, always drawn to Friars Lawn, saw and photographed the outside of the house again in 1980 and 1987, on visits to England.

Jennifer and her brother Ralph, with their families, made a special visit to Friars Lawn in 1990, while on a trip to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the family’s departure from England. Thanks to the kind hospitality of the owners at that time, John and Jane Boyer, they saw the entire house and its gardens, and found them further renovated and improved but still the same home they remembered so fondly - in excellent condition and more beautiful than ever.  

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